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40 puppies dead after catching parvovirus in Milwaukee | News

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40 puppies dead after catching parvovirus in Milwaukee
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More than 40 puppies have died after catching a dangerous virus in Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Humane Society is reminding people to get healthy puppies - like the one shown above - vaccinated against the parvovirus.

Parvo is a deadly virus spread through a dog's waste. Normally, cases of parvo are few and far between.

Recently, however, 12 cases have come to the Wisconsin Humane Society and 30 to Milwaukee's Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC).

Only one dog has survived.

"A lot of the dogs or puppies that we see are... so dehydrated from the vomitting and the diarrhea that they can't even lift up their heads," said Jane Pohlman of the Wisconsin Humane Society.

The Wisconsin Humane Society says all their new puppies are vaccinated right away and recommends you do the same.

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